Water Heater Installation

Hot water heater replacement

Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

Replacement hot water heaters in Bountiful, UT

The average American uses up to 65 gallons of hot water per day. This is a very high usage, making a hot water heater an important equipment to have in your home. The truth is, no one enjoys a cold soak in the tub or a cold shower.

At Bountiful Plumber, we offer same day installation services which are also 100% guaranteed. Our installation services include various types of units. These include:

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1. Gas Water Heaters

This is any water heater that is heated using gas power. Gas water heaters are less common, just like solar and indirect water heaters. However, because they are still used in some homes, Bountiful Plumber is experienced in their installation, maintenance, and repair.

There are different kinds of gas heaters, but the most common factor in them is that they are all powered by gas. The most common gas heater has a tank that stays filled and replenishes as the water is being used.

Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

  • They are inexpensive to purchase and install.
  • They have a fast heating time, making them perfect for large families.
  • They works when the power goes out.
  • They have low fuel costs.

There are two kinds of gas water heaters that are commonly used in homes. They are:

Conventional storage gas water heater:

This is the most common kind of gas water heater. In this type of gas heater, the water is constantly heated whether it is in use or not. It provides hot water immediately when needed. Their tanks come in different sizes so it is important to choose the right size that you need.

Indirect water heaters:

This heater works with the exciting heating system installed in your home. They can be gas, soil, solar or propane powered. They can be excellent and cost effective. These are generally the most efficient gas water heater and can be quite economical if you find the right system to work with your home.

2. Electric Water Heaters

These water heaters are generally powered by electricity and they cost more than gas heaters, but have a slow recovery rate. They are common in many homes.

Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

They have plenty of benefits which include:

  • Durability with long life expectancy. Their durability is boosted if a water softener system is installed.
  • The fastest and reliable method of heating water and reduces heat loss in water heaters.
  • A wide variety for consumers to choose from and can hold up to 80 gallons of water.
  • Today’s electric water heater models can greatly reduce water heating costs, making them very efficient.
  • Electric water heaters are affordable and readily available. This makes it the ideal choice for most people.
  • They are safe for the environment.

Their disadvantages, however, when compared to gas heaters, is that the water heats slowly and also the tank runs out of water too fast.

3. Tankless water heater

This water heater is also known as “on demand” water heaters. They are the newest innovation in water heating technology. Compared to other water heaters, they are smaller in size, saving up space in your house. They eliminate the risk of burst tanks. They only supply hot water when needed, this helps in saving money on your utility bills.

Tankless water heaters are rapidly growing in America and the rest of the world. Many homes are opting to use it compared to other water heaters, this is because it is easy to use and it is not bulky. In tankless water heaters, water flows directly from the pipes to the heater, completely eliminating the use of a tank.

To ensure that this kind of water heater is the best for your family, our dedicated team of experts works with individual clients to evaluate their families needs and give recommendations accordingly.

Tankless water heaters are fast because you do not need a tank to be full of hot water before using.

There are several benefits of using a tankless water heater. Some of which include:

  • They eliminate the risk of scalding.
  • Are energy efficient hence providing significant energy saving.
  • Take up less space.
  • Hot water is always available on demand.
  • They have a long lasting life expectancy.
  • It has fewer operation costs.
  • Are environmental friendly.
  • Ideal for installing multiple water heaters in one building.



Choosing the Best Water Heater System

When selecting a water heater system, whether tankless or not, it is important to consider the following:


Hot water tanks can be huge, which can lead to money being wasted especially if you are using gas or electric water heater system in your home. Talk to our experts to help you identify the right size of the tank.


The more energy efficient, the less the operating costs.


Get help from professionals in order to determine the most cost-effective option for you. At Bountiful Plumber, we are always ready to take our customer through each system.

Hot Water Heater Installation

Once you have decided the hot water heater that is best suited for your family, the next step is the installation. Installation should only be done with professionals. Here at Bountiful Plumber, we offer installation services to the people of Utah and environs. You can be sure of same day service with us!

Our professional plumbers always give their best. We ensure that our services are up to standard since water heater installations should only be done by professionals.

Hot water heaters should be installed in proper locations that cannot be easily accessed by children. This will limit incidents and accidents in the home.

We offer a full range of fast and affordable plumbing services! Leave it to professionals to ensure a proper and safe installation.

Water heaters are an essential part of our homes, whether one is beginning their day or coming back home after a long day, we all desire to have a hot shower, a long bath, warm water to do dishes or laundry. Because you need reliable hot water, feel free to talk to us today so that we can help you determine the best water heater solution for your home and your family’s needs. Get in touch with us today!