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Clogged Drains?

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One of the most common plumbing problems across America are clogged drains. Clogs not only cause plumbing problems but are health risks too. This is why it is very important to have your drain unclogged by professionals as fast as possible.

You can count on Bountiful Plumber to clear up any blockages and keep your drains flowing freely once again. We have a team of well trained and well-equipped technicians that will not only give you the best service but will also work fast. At Bountiful Plumber, we only use the best motorized rooters, cutting tools, snake devices, water jets and all other necessary tools to ensure that our services are professionally delivered.

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No matter which drains need cleaning, be it the toilet, tub, shower, sink etc., be sure that Bountiful Plumber can provide these excellent services to you.

What causes clogged drains?

There are a number of reasons why you can end up with clogged drains. Some of these reasons are:

Food waste

These wastes should never go down the drain. All food wastes should be thrown in trash cans no matter how small they are. These include coffee grounds and tea leaves. Avoid pouring grease down the drain because it can solidify and cause blockages.


Shake off mud and excess dirt from your clothes before washing them. Be careful not to wash muddy shoes in sinks and tubs.

Toilet Paper Buildup

When toilet paper builds up in the pipes, it can cause blockages. This can be solved by simply plunging the toilet, but only if the water fills without draining.

Roots of trees

Small leaks in underground pipes attract tree root growth. When the roots get inside your pipes, they will grow and expand quickly. This obstructs water flow, block sewer lines, and damage the pipes


This is a very common cause of clogged drains. Try to make sure that the drains have guards that will prevent hair from going down the drain.


Traditional bars of soap are made with grease and fat. These fats when combined with minerals found in the water, leave a hard residue called scum. The residue does not only clog pipes, but also stain your bath fittings.

Mineral buildup

A solution to prevent mineral buildup is by installing a water softener in your home. These can be difficult to remove once established, so be sure to call a professional plumber if your pipes no longer flow.

Small objects

Small toys, pieces of broken glass etc., should not find their way down the pipes. Always call a professional plumber the moment you realize that an object has been flushed down the drain.

These clogs can start out as a minor issue, but then quickly escalate into major problems. Clogged drains can cause corrosion, flooding, slow water drainage, sewer line backup and very costly repairs.

How to prevent drain clogs

There are a number of clogs that can be prevented. This is because these kinds of clogs happen because of our lifestyles. Here are a few tips that can help to prevent clogs:

1. Use a drain cover

Shower drains are mostly clogged by hair. This can be stopped by the use of drain covers. Drain covers are easily available in plumbing and hardware shops.

2. Avoid oil and grease

Clogs from grease and oil mainly occur in kitchen pipes, so try not to pour them down the drain. It is also important to use soaps that contain grease, sparingly.

3. Rinse out daily

Remove visible debris and pour hot water down the drain. Hot water has some force while going down the drain, which provides a  force that will help to flush some substances through the drain.

4. Use natural solutions

Avoid chemicals as much as you can when it comes to clearing your drain. Try using natural products like vinegar or baking soda, along with some hot water. Not only are these solutions inexpensive, they also work.

5. Be wary of what you flush

Do not treat your toilet like a garbage disposal! Avoid flushing down thing like paper, sanitary towels, feminine products, wet wipes, etc. as these are major reasons for clogs.

6. Check what you pour in kitchen sinks

Food scraps and oil are reasons for clogs in kitchen sinks. Always throw food scraps in bins or trash cans. Pouring hot water down the drain in kitchen sinks especially after doing dishes helps to clear any clogs.

7. Always seek professional help

Some clogs can be stubborn, but if you are experiencing a recurring clog, then the problem might be bigger and home remedies may not fix it. This is where we come in! Bountiful Plumber provides professional clog removal, deep drain cleaning, rooter services, and more!

No matter the cause of the clog, do not put up with it. It can be a sign of a greater problem lying underneath so its best to let the professionals fix it.

What to do if there is a clog

You can try fixing small plumbing issues, but always try not to handle what you do not know. Call a professional to evaluate the problem to get a solution for the best way of solving it. Recurring or stubborn clogs should be investigated by a professional and licensed plumber.

Remember, we are always ready and equipped to solve all of your plumbing need. Feel free to call us anytime for there will always be somebody waiting to speak to you on a 24/7 basis. We are standing by to handle any plumbing emergency, anytime.

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