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Main Water Line

The Main Water Line

Water Main Line Service and Repair

Here at Bountiful Plumber, we understand that different buildings have different needs. We account for terrain, water usage, and soil composition when replacing main water lines. We do this in order to avoid future problems by placing main water lines away from trees and any potential hazards. Our services are cost friendly and professional!

Whether you have bought a new property, expanding your home, or doing repairs, the existing main water line doesn’t always make the cut. This is when you need a reliable, affordable and effective main water line replacement. We also replace a portion of the main line for clients who have suffered from main waterline problems.

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Bountiful Plumber offer professional and fast main waterline replacement in Bountiful, Utah. Our dedicated team of professional plumbers are well equipped and skilled and can replace the existing mainline with minimal interruption to your water supply.
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What is The Main Water Line?

This is the line that links the plumbing system in your home to the public water supply. This is the pipe that is solely responsible for channeling water from the public supply to the pipes in your home, in order to ensure that you have an adequate water supply.

The main water line is normally located underground and it cannot be accessed without some digging. Bountiful Plumber always advises our clients to watch out for signs of a possible leak or other issues with this water line.

Signs of a Leak in the Main Water Line

The good news is that the water line breaks have indicators, which can help provide on time replacements, hence reducing further damages.

These are some of the most common indicators to look out for:

  • Water in your compound: Unexplained wet areas in your home are signs of a possible leak in the pipe.
  • Damp dry walls: These accompanied with wet rings on your ceiling are indicators of a faulty mainline. Do not ignore them!
  • Increased water bills: When your consumption is the same and your bill is higher, there is definitely a cause. Have a professional check your water lines to help you save money and fix the problem.  
  • Water in the streets: When an underground pipe bursts, the water normally has nowhere to go, so it bubbles up. This is one of the most common signs that needs addressed. Call us immediately when you see this!
  • Puddles in the house: Check under your sinks, tubs, toilets, and on the floors. If there is water accumulation, then there is a possible water leak. Look out for discolored areas or wet spots.
  • Low water pressure: If you are sure of a steady water supply and are experiencing low pressure, be sure that there isn’t a problem with your main line or pipes in your home. Have this checked by a professional.
  • Water sounds: Is your toilet or sink making bubbling noises? Are your pipes whistling? Then chances are, you have a waterline break. Pay close attention to signs that come from areas that are likely to experience leaks.
  • Cracks in the foundation: When leaking water seeps into the foundation, it causes cracks. When this happens for some time, the water will weaken the structure of the house. This will then manifest in the form of cracks on the walls and in the foundation of your home.
  • Foul odor: When sewage and dirty water are not channeled to their intended pipes, there is bound to be an inevitable unpleasant odor in your home.

If you spot any of these indicators in your home or neighborhood, shut off the water to the main valve. This interrupts the flow of water from the main connection, do not waste any time and call us for help. Because of the sensitive nature of main pipes, they need to only be handled with care by trained plumbers. Bountiful Plumber is well equipped to handle all main line challenges. We examine and investigate the cause in order to solve the problem in the right way.

Broken mains can end up causing destructive damages to your home and property if not detected and repaired in good time. Bountiful Plumber specializes in main replacements and repairs. Give us a call today and we will inspect your premises including an offered routine inspection services to all our clients.

Water Line Repair Cost

The cost of a repair depends on different variables. Some of which are:

  • The material of the pipe.
  • Size of the break.
  • The extent of the damage.
  • If the pipe is obstructed with trees, boulders, and fencing.
  • The age.
  • If the pipe is easily accessible or if it is deep underground.

Many people are in the habit of attempting to fix plumbing issues on their own despite the knowledge and experience they don’t have. In these cases, they have to hire all of the necessary equipment needed for the job and end up spending more than have to compared to what it could have cost them if they had engaged in the services of a professional plumber.

With Bountiful Plumber, you should not worry about cost. Our professional services are very pocket-friendly. We give estimates of all our plumbing services and make sure that our customers know exactly how much they will be expected to pay even before the job begins.

Main Water Line Cleaning

It is very important to clean your main line periodically.  Main line cleaning is done to remove any clogs that are in the pipes.  

Cleaning can be done with products that are available in the market or it can also be done physically. Whichever way, it is important to let the professionals handle it. Here at Bountiful Plumber, we offer excellent main line cleaning services. We’re also the go-to plumbers in Bountiful, Utah to unclog drains, replace or repair hot water heaters, install new appliances, and more! We are open 24/7 to be the first to respond to any plumbing emergency. We only use genuine products and give our customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Within all of our plumbing services, we will give you an estimate and ensure that a clear and transparent contract is availed to you.

You are not alone! Most homeowners experience challenges with their plumbing. Feel free to talk to us today and we will give you expert and professional advice and solutions to all your plumbing needs. Remember with Bountiful Plumber, we strive to achieve beyond our customer expectation.